how to easily make coconut dalgona whipped coffee recipe

What is Dalgona + Coconut Dalgona Whipped Coffee Recipe

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Did you come here for the Dalgona whipped coffee recipe? Or just simply wondering what is Dalgona? Well, you have come to the right place. Lately, this super easy to make Dalgona coffee recipe has been making its rounds around the internet, especially on Instagram and TikTok. If you’ve never heard of it, today, you can learn all about The Dalgona coffee origins, how to make it, + below there is a delicious Coconut Dalgona Coffee Recipe just for you. TIP: If Coconut is not your favorite flavor, you can easily adjust this whipped coffee recipe to your liking. It’s even more special because you can use your milk of choice to make it (select one of 3 options: Almond, Soy, or Dairy milk). A 3in1 Dalgona recipe perfect for trying it out during quarantine. Let’s go!

what is dalgona - dalgona coffee origins - dalgona recipe

What is Dalgona? Dalgona coffee origins:

Apparently, Dalgona Coffee may seem to have originated from Korea, thanks to South Korean actor, Jung Il-Woo, who coined the term “Dalgona Coffee” after ordering a whipped coffee drink in a restaurant in Macau, but the whipped coffee drink concoction has actually been a signature item for the restaurant.

In fact, the whipped coffee drink was known as “Chow Yun-Fat coffee” for a while because it was made in his honor. It all started when Chow Yun-Fat, the actor from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, visited a small shipyard cafe called Han Kee Cafe, opened by Leong Kam Hon, a former shipbuilder. Leong wanted to impress him so, he decided to make the whipped coffee drink he’d learned from a “foreign couple.”

coconut dalgona recipe drink

Dalgona Coffee may also appear to be a Korean whipped coffee drink sensation, in part, because it’s named after a Korean candy (a toffee on a stick), but it’s been around for a long time and is known by different names in other countries, including Greece and Libya.

In India and Pakistan for example, the whipped coffee drink is called “pheta (beaten) coffee,” “phenti hui coffee,” “phitti hui coffee,” “hand-beaten coffee,” “Indian cappuccino,” and other similar variations.

dalgona whipped coffee recipe

So in the end, no matter the name, the beverage is made with the basic ingredients of equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water.

instant coffee recipe - dalgona recipe

How to make Dalgona Coffee?

To make a basic Dalgona Coffee, you only need 3 ingredients: instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water. But, since It is a whipped coffee beverage, you will also be needing kitchen gadgets and/or appliance like a stand mixer, hand mixer, blender, or a whisk.


Using a stand mixer, hand mixer, or blender makes whipping the ingredients easier but you can also use a whisk if these gadgets aren’t handy. It’ll just take a bit longer to mix them before you’ll have the ingredients whipped into soft, fluffy peaks.

Once you have the desired consistency of the whipped coffee concoction to your liking, pour the milk of your choice in a glass, with or without ice, add the frothy, fluffy whipped Dalgona Coffee and enjoy your drink!


dalgona-whipped coffee recipe

Luckily, there are so many ways to alter this drink recipe, with a variety of flavors like hazelnut, strawberry, coconut, you name it! You can even add alcohol, if you desire. For example, I personally loved my Coconut Dalgona coffee recipe with Baileys. It was yummy!


Feel free to get creative and adapt the recipe to your liking. That’s what recipes are for.

Coconut Dalgona whipped coffee recipe

3in1 Coconut Dalgona Coffee Recipe

3in1 Coconut Dalgona Coffee Recipe

This super easy to make and tasty drink recipe is finding its way around popular social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram and more. There are even some fun, online challenges.

Here is an easy recipe of Coconut Dalgona coffee which you can adapt to your liking. Dalgona is usually drunk cold, but it can also be enjoyed warm. It is up to you! You can also use any choice of milk for the same results. For example, we tried it with Almond, Soy and Dairy milk. We really hope you enjoy it.


  • 2 tbsp of instant coffee
  • 2 tbsp sweetener of choice (we used redpath sugar which is certified vegan)
  • 2 tbsp hot water
  • Coffee Mate Coconut Cream (Dairy Free)
  • Milk of choice (such as Almond, Soy or Dairy)
  • Ice cubes (optional)
  • Coconut Shavings (optional)


    1. Whisk together instant coffee, sweetener of choice, and hot water until peaks are formed (you can use a whisk, a hand mixer or a stand mixer).
    2. Fill a glass with ice cubes (optional) and top with desired amount of Coconut Cream. For a hint of flavor consider a teaspoon, but if you prefer a more intense flavor, you can go up to an ounce.
    3. Top the rest of your cup with your milk of choice (amount is up to you).
    4. Add one to three spoonfuls of the whipped coffee mixture on top, depending on your taste.
    5. Sprinkle coconut shavings on top (optional).



With the pandemic outbreak being what it is, people are forced to stay at home, so it’s no wonder that quick, easy recipes, like the Dalgona Coffee, rose in popularity. It is such a simple beverage to make, plus the necessary ingredients are normally already found in the pantry! Another advantage of making a Dalgona Coffee at home is that, it not only feeds our addiction to those fancy coffees and lattes that we would normally get from Starbucks and other places like it, but it’s a lot less expensive!

I hope that you like this Coconut Dalgona recipe. Let us know in the comments section below. Share if you made any adjustments to it that were more successful or better suited to your taste. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

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Coconut Dalgona Coffee - A Super Easy To make Coconut Dalgona coffee recipe
how to make coconut dalgona coffee - a super easy recipe
Viral Dalgona Coffee - A Quick and Tasty Coconut Dalgona Coffee Recipe

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