13 Ways to Learn to Love Yourself and Be Happy

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Learning the art of self-love might seem like a no brainer, but to some people, it’s about as hard as trigonometry, especially when you have negative inner thoughts that become a habit.

No matter where you are self-esteem wise, we can all agree that everyone deserves to be loved. But love has to come from within. I put together 13 ways to get on the path of self-acceptance and how to get started on your own self-love journey.


Learning Self Love: 13 Ways to Learn to Love Yourself

1. Do More Things That Make You Happy

The recipe is quite simple: in order to be happier, you need to do things that make you happy. It could involve buying a tub of ice cream or grabbing those keys and taking a solo trip to go camping to get away from it all. Don’t let fear get in the way of adventure, fun, and happiness.

2. Practice Some Self-Care

Need a break from negative friends and socializing? Then take one! Are those muscles aching for a massage? Then go to a spa and while you’re at it, get a facial, as well. Don’t let the archaic notion that self-care is selfish to get in the way and take good care of yourself.

Maybe you want to consider setting up a spa day at home for yourself?

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3. Don’t Forget to Check in With Yourself

The world can be really stressful. At times, our lives get so complicated and hectic, that we forget to take some time to decompress and check in with ourselves and how we’re feeling.

So, consider get a chair and some coffee and ask yourself what is going on internally. Learn to actually feel your feelings and emotions, and don’t label them as “good” or “bad.” Tip: Learn the power of doing nothing and of silence.

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4. Smile to Yourself (And at Others, if You’re Feeling it)

Walk up to the bathroom mirror and smile to yourself more often. Spread the love by infecting others with your smile because smiling makes people happier and more positive. Smiling creates a ripple effect of positive energy, which is truly uplifting.

5. Write something positive about yourself

Acknowledge a good deed or a skill you just mastered and write it down on a journal or post it on social media for the whole world to see.

Now might be the time to update that Facebook profile page or Linkedin profile with some of those recently learned talents, skills, or traits. And by all means—don’t hold back! Love yourself and everything you have accomplished.

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6. Let Go of the Past

Everyone has a past. Don’t judge who you were or the things you did if you already made amends. The past is in the past, so forgive yourself for anything you’ve said or done in a lapse in judgment. You’re a different person now and we’re all allowed to evolve and grow from our mistakes.

7. Be Body Positive

It’s easy to nitpick and focus on what society deems as “imperfections,” especially when we’re living in world full of flawless celebs and social media picture-perfect moments.

Stop comparing yourself to others, ditch the scale, unfollow pages and influencers that trigger negative thinking, and start hanging out and following body positive people who refuse to apologize for what their bodies look like.

It’s not easy to love yourself in a world that’s telling you not to. So surround yourself by self-loving vibes!


8. Accept That You Can’t Control Everything

You can’t control a situation but you can definitely control how you react to it. There’s no sense in worrying about how a co-worker, family member, or a random stranger is going to react to something. If you can’t change it, then do your best to realize that feeling anxious or stressed about a situation isn’t going to affect it. Might as well embrace the fact that we can’t control everything!

9. Try to Show Some Gratitude

Showing daily gratitude is the easiest way to realize how lucky you are. Start a blog or write in a journal. Spend a few minutes each day writing about all the good things that happened that day or all the good things you have going on in your life.

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10. Make Sure to Exercise

Exercising on a regular basis releases feel-good chemicals like oxytocin, and also keeps cholesterol and sugar levels in check. Not to mention the fact that daily activity keeps your heart healthy and makes you stronger. And more importantly, it helps you look and feel great, too.

11. Reward Yourself for Being Amazing

Yes, yes! Family and friends will do nice things for you from time to time, but sometimes it’s up to you to reward yourself by throwing a party or by going on Amazon and ordering that new makeup kit you’ve been eyeing. Recognize and acknowledge your incredible accomplishments.

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12. Have a Positive Mantra

Go to the mirror and repeat the following mantra: “I love and accept myself.” Say this as many times as needed throughout the day until it sinks in. This little self-love exercise will give that old self-esteem a major jumpstart in less than no time.

13. Live for Today

The past is gone and the future is unpredictable. Sorry psychics, but it’s true. So, stop running around worrying about what may or may not happen and just focus on today, because right now, everything is okay.

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Learn to Love Yourself First…and Be Happy!

Love always starts with you. Learning the art of self-love guarantees you a better, healthier, and happier life! And Happiness looks gorgeous on you!

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