Thoughtful and Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts

Thoughtful and Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts

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When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, it really is the thought that counts. Try one of these meaningful and affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas to show Mom how much you care this year.

Mothers really don’t care about the price tag of their gift on Mother’s Day. They just want something that comes from the heart. At a loss for ideas that aren’t expensive or corny? These suggestions of inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts will make your mom’s big day, the best one ever.

Thoughtful and Inexpensive Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Tile Picture

Though they look like pictures printed on the actual tile when they’re finished, these tileboard pictures are just wood, decoupage, and paper. The materials are available at craft stores for under $20.

Cut your picture into squares, glue onto the tileboard, and coat with a pour-on gloss like Envirotex. Great tileboard pictures are family pictures, moms with you as a baby, a familiar landscape, or even a sketch that you have drawn.

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Mother's day gifts

Unique Framed Photo

Pair a special photograph with a personalized picture frame. You can get an unpainted frame from your local craft store and decorate it, or you can buy a plain frame at the dollar store and decoupage it with sentimental materials – anything from tissue paper to sheet music with the lyrics to mom’s favorite song. The cost of this gift can be as little as $5.

Memory Jar

Mom will love a hand-decorated mason jar filled with scraps of paper of the memories you two have shared, and your only expense is the cost of the jar. Brainstorm all of the things you have done with your mom, from your earliest childhood memory to your most recent conversation.

Make sure to include inside jokes, family memories, and funny stories. You’ll need to start working on this gift at least a few weeks in advance of Mother’s Day so that, as you remember more events, you can add them to the jar. The best part, you can continue adding memories to the moving forward. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Personalized Photo Book

It’s easy and quick to make a great-looking digital photo book with online photo stores like Snapfish and Shutterfly for under $15. These books also allow you to include text alongside the pictures. Possible themes for a Mother’s Day photo book are:

  • a trip the two of you took together
  • the two of you throughout the years
  • family photos, if you’ve grown and had a family of your own
  • photos and memories of all her children and grandchildren collected into one book. If you have siblings, collaborate with them.

Tip: You can also order a personalized photo cube like this one.

Display Tile with Vinyl Lettering

Many online stores sell vinyl lettering with an appropriate motherhood quote like “God can’t be everywhere, so he made mothers.” Some stores even let you create your own saying. Buy a flooring tile from a home improvement store (often, you can get a single tile for $1) and apply the lettering.

Vinyl lettering is like a clear sticker, so it will appear that you’ve gotten the words printed right on the tile when you’re done. Include a nice plate stand to display the tile on a tabletop or mantle. Your total cost should be under $20.

Prepare a Special Mother’s Day Breakfast or Brunch to celebrate her at home

Most moms are all about the small details and they just love spending time with you. Surprise mom by setting up a really nice breakfast in bed or maybe an outdoor brunch. It is really easy and simple to do it. Here are some quick tips and ideas on how to prepare this special breakfast or brunch.


Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils are all the rage and it’s popularity rose from the healing properties it gives to the user. For the mom who already has an oil diffuser, don’t let the chance to restock Mom’s stock of essential oils go by. She’ll deeply appreciate it.

Tip: A really cool and special Mother’s Day gift idea is an essential oil diffuser bracelet. It is wonderful for aromatherapy fans and anyone who loves essential oils. You can get this one for less than $15.

Organic Soap & Shampoo Set

There are many organic soaps available on the market and the internet nowadays. If your mom is the one who likes soaps, this gift idea will be perfect for her. Grab different kinds, shapes, sizes, and variants. Tip: Try to pick your mom’s favorite scent or at least a neutral one.

Give Mom a Home Spa Kit

Moms also enjoy relaxing, and you can easily find some budget-friendly home spa kits online, or you can even buy individual products and create your own gift bag or basket for mom.

I found this home spa kit basket on Amazon for less than $25 dollars.

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Photo Pocket Watch

All moms love having keepsakes of their loved ones wherever they go. A personalized photo pocket watch, where she can put one of her favorite pics, is the best keepsake there is for a mom on the go. It’s small enough that she can always carry it with her in her pocket or purse.

Note: You can also get her a personalized pendant necklace.

Interview with Her Parents

The chances are that your mom’s parents are getting on in years by now, and mom is beginning to realize that they won’t be around forever. Why not surprise her with a recorded video interview with her parents?

Take an hour to visit her parents. Set up a camcorder and ask her parents questions about how they met, their early family life, and what your mom was like as a child. This will be a priceless memory your mom holds on to forever.

Mom Coloring Book

An adult coloring book is a perfect gift for an artsy kind of mom. It’ll also be a wonderful way for her to do something fun and feel like a kid for a little while. Add coloring materials as well like pencil colors or watercolors so she can use the gift right away.

mother's-day gifts-coloring-book-for-adults

In summary, don’t expect Mom to give you suggestions for a Mother’s Day gift. Surprise her with something completely unique and heartfelt this year. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give her a great gift on Mother’s Day.

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Thoughtful & Inexpensive last minute mother's day gift ideas

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