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Free your mind, body and soul!

The Productive Journey Blog intends to help you to free your mind, body and soul by giving you useful and practical tips, tools and resources on how to have a better and productive lifestyle, while developing an improved/refined mindset.

We believe that, in order to have a productive journey, you need to seek balance and incorporate a mix of different factors into your life. One is to develop a productive mind – which can be achieved by learning about productivity, time management, working from home effectively, how to deal with procrastination and more. Two is to seek a fit and healthy body which can be achieved by changing your eating habits, learning more about your body type and nutrition, ability to work out from anywhere, collect quick healthy recipes and more. Three is to create a space to free and feed your soul through self care, motivation, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, among other ways.

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Productivity Tips, Remote Work, Healthy Lifestyle, Mindfulness and more!

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