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How to work from home with kids while staying productive

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Working from home may be something you have done for a while or maybe you are new to the whole idea of it. Regardless, when you throw kids to the mix of trying to be productive when working from home, it is a whole different situation. With kids at home, you have two different worlds that are pulling at your attention and seems almost impossible to imagine how to work from home with kids around. This may seem like a daunting task to be able to work from home and be there for your children at the same time. You may feel like your productivity is not as high as it used to be. 

working from home with kids

This situation is not the most ideal to be working from home with your kids there, but it can be accomplished. In order to make the best out of what your current situation is, here are some great tips for working from home with kids that will make it possible for you to be productive at your job and be there for your children’s needs. 

How to remain productive while working from home with kids


Dealing With Procrastination

While there are a lot of benefits of working from home, you can also fall into some habits that you may not be used to. Procrastination is one of those things. You may never have been a person to put off a work task before, but now that your kids are at home, you may find yourself falling into this dangerous area.

There are also a ton of distractions that can lead to that procrastination. You will need to do the best that you can to put together a schedule that is both flexible and structured at the same time.

Have A Flexible Schedule 

Your typical schedule at work may be different then it would be when you are now working from home. Even though you need structure to your work day in order to accomplish tasks, there may be days that feel more overwhelming than others. Your schedule may need to vary from day to day with what your children have going on with their schoolwork.

Sometimes if you try to have a schedule that is too structured, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. This is the opposite of what you want in order to be productive. 

My advice is to have a to-do list made up for what you need to accomplish. Don’t set yourself up for failure before you even begin. This way you will be able to work in whatever order makes sense for that day. It also allows you to have the time to be with your kids and family when you need to be or even to look for other home business ideas.

Make Yourself An Office Space

Making yourself a space in your home that is set up for you to work from will make things easier. Even if you do not have an actual office in your home, make whatever room you want to work out of the only place that you do work. This will allow your kids to know that when you are on your laptop or desktop computer in that room that you are in your working hours.

Picking a room with the least amount of distractions will lead to your best possible productivity.  Maybe you also will need to invest in a new office chair or desk to be able to set up your work space in your home. Making yourself comfortable enough to be productive but not too comfortable to slack off is the end goal.


Use Power Hours

Setting aside longer blocks of time to get work will lead to your best productivity. If you are constantly being distracted or called out of the room, it is more likely that your task will not get completed to the best of your ability. This also allows the blocks of time between the power hours to get household tasks done, take care of the kids and their schoolwork and to run any sort of errands that you may need to get done. 

Planning Breaks With Your Kids

Even though you are working from home, your kids are also having to manage staying at home as well. They are going to need your attention as well as you showing your attention to your work. Most disruptions happen when kids feel like they are in need of attention. It may seem like you won’t have time to take these breaks or be there for your kids, but making sure you have these breaks setup is good for you and for them.


Minimize Distractions Online

A lot of your work when you are remotely working from home is going to be on the computer. There is plenty of distraction when it comes to social media and other sites when you are online. You will want to make sure that you keep these things turned off and closed out when you are working on your tasks. You can allow yourself to check social media and to look into other sites when you are on your “breaks” that you have set for yourself throughout the day. 

Take Care of Your Mental Health

This one may seem like it is something everyone does no matter what. Lots of us forget that we need to take care of ourselves mentally in order to be our best and most productive self. If you’re burnt out, you will not feel like doing the tasks that are laid out for you when it comes to your job.

Take lunch when you feel that hunger pang in your stomach. Get up and walk outside when you feel like you need a brain refresh. Mental health is so important and can get easily overlooked.

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Working from home takes a lot of discipline.  You may have been working from home with kids before or maybe it was just with one child and now you have all of your children home instead. You may not have ever worked remotely before.

If you’re just starting out, you might need a little bit of time to get into your groove, but you will get there. No one’s schedule is the same as the next person’s schedule. Don’t compare yourself to others. Follow the tips that I gave above and you will come to know a good balance.

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How to work from home with kids while staying productive

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