Elegant and Easy Mother’s Day Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

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Looking to spoil mom during Mother’s Day weekend at home? While you should surprise and care for her all year round, Mother’s Day should always be extra special for all moms! In this post, we provide you with easy Mother’s Day breakfast ideas that can be used to create a Mother’s Day brunch, fit for any special day and also, they’re so easy that, even kids can help with the preparation. 

Whether you choose a Mother’s day breakfast in bed or a tasteful, family brunch, you want her day to be memorable. Consider pampering Mom as soon as she wakes up on Mother’s Day with greetings and appreciation. 

If serving breakfast in bed, use a proper tray for that special touch. Or if surprising her with a breakfast or brunch gathering, add fresh-cut flowers (or have kids make paper flowers) for that touch of elegance. Of course, doing this at home saves money and is healthier too, so don’t forget to include a card and present from your heart showing your true appreciation for all that mom does for you!

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Brunch or Breakfast ideas for Mother’s Day

Make Plain Croissants Fancy

Croissants are just perfect for breakfast or brunch, not just in France! Purchase a few mini croissants or regular sized ones cut in half and fill them with fancy fillings, savory and/or sweet. 

Combine 8 ounces of whipped cream cheese with a can of tiny shrimp or pink salmon and a squeeze of lemon. Transfer to a serving bowl. Consider serving them with a plate of sliced onion and tomato. Alternately, cream cheese can also be mixed with fresh herbs, prepared pesto, or chopped fresh fruit. Get creative and I’m sure mom will appreciate your efforts.

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Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is basic — make it extra special by focusing only on Mom’s favorite fruits and berries, or try one of these simple combinations: watermelon, strawberries and cherries; orange segments, banana slices, and pineapple; or chopped pear, kiwi and raspberries.


Simple Gift Idea:

A Single Egg

Eggs can be dressed up in many ways, but the simplest is to serve a soft boiled or hard-boiled egg in an egg cup. For soft boiled eggs with runny to slightly runny yolk, simmer for 4 to 6 minutes; for hard-boiled, simmer for 10 minutes.

If there are no egg cups on hand, they can be made by cutting 2-inch rings out of an empty paper towel roll covered with pretty paper or painted. Or purchase ceramic egg cups as a gift that’s presented as part of the meal.

Fancy Mocha Coffee

Make a special cup of chocolate flavored coffee without any special equipment: combine a tablespoon of brown sugar with a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder in a coffee mug. Add one ounce of coffee (an ounce of whiskey can also be added for a decadent mocha Irish coffee) and stir until sugar dissolves.


Fill the cup 3/4 full with coffee and top with whipped cream. Alternately, mix a packet of hot chocolate mix with coffee and top with whipped cream.

What about a cute mug for mom?

Juice Spritzer

Combine two parts orange-pineapple juice with one part seltzer or sparkling wine for a refreshing beverage.

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Breakfast Cupcakes

Go all out and serve dessert with breakfast — actually muffins with cream cheese frosting. Purchase or make banana, carrot, or blueberry muffins and frost with purchased cream cheese frosting.

Top with half a maraschino cherry for a whimsical look. Bring these out after the meal to enjoy with coffee while Mom opens homemade cards and gifts from the children.


Easy 3 Ingredient Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes, especially homemade ones made with love. You’ll be showing Mom you’re a whiz in the kitchen when you present her with a beautiful stack of pancakes to eat in bed.

Combine eggs, milk, and self-raising flour together until there are no lumps, heat a nonstick pan over low-medium heat and add either a little butter or cooking oil/spray and you’re good to go. You can decide how big or small to make them (I love the half-dollar sized ones myself).

Serve them with butter, syrup, whipped cream, chocolate chips and/or fruits. Just think about mom’s favorite things when selecting the best toppings.

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French Toast

Sometimes basic toast can be considered boring. While it’s good as a quick breakfast option, once in a while, French Toast is a fancy alternative, and definitely an expression of love.

For the classic French toast, combine eggs, milk, cinnamon powder, and vanilla together in a bowl. Dip bread slices into the mixture and fry the pieces on a greased skillet until golden brown. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top and serve warm with syrup.


Avocado Toast

Mash an avocado in a small bowl with a fork. Add cilantro, lime, and salt/pepper/garlic powder to taste then spread the mixture on toasted slices of bread. You can pretty much use any kind of toast or sliced bread but I prefer crusty bread or whole grain.  Lastly, for a little kick, you can sprinkle it with pepper flakes and serve!

Add Prosecco or Champagne to the Mother’s Day selection

Spruce up mom’s morning juice by creating either a mimosa or Bellini cocktail. For mimosa, you just need champagne, chilled citrus juice, usually orange juice, and preferably a tall champagne flute. Remember to make it to your mom’s liking.


For a Bellini, the difference is that you will use Prosecco and peach juice which can also be served in a champagne flute. 

If you want to get a little fancier, then you should try to make your mom one of my favorite cocktails, a Kir Royale. It’s a drink made with champagne, or sparkling white wine, and Creme de Cassis. It’s simply delish! 

Now, all that’s left is a toast in mom’s honor. Just keep it short and sweet. Cheers!

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Don’t forget: cleaning the kitchen and washing the breakfast dishes is a big part of the gift of a special Mother’s Day breakfast.


In summary, Mother’s day should really be an all year round celebration but, more so, especially during Mother’s day weekend. You’ll want to really pamper mom, let her savor your food and time spent with her family, and indulge her on this special day.

So many ideas can include anything from preparing a Spa Day at Home for her (bubble bath, paint her nails, etc.), just simply giving her thoughtful cards and gifts, to taking the time to surprise her with Mother’s day breakfast in bed or with our easy Brunch recipes.

Mom will be delighted with anything you do, because most moms do not expect as much. They usually only want to be surrounded by loved ones. And you know that she deserves any extra effort it takes to make this her very special, happy day!

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