The Best Motivational Podcasts to Start Following Now

The Best Motivational Podcasts to Start Following Now

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Self-help books, inspiring TedTalks, and movies can lift you up when you need it the most. But so can a good inspirational podcast. Everyone needs a boost of inspiration every now and then, so why not try listening to any of these 10 of the best motivational podcasts?

Best of all? You can listen to these incredible self-improvement podcasts while you’re in the shower, on your way to work, or during your lunch break. Let’s get started because motivation awaits!

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The Best Inspirational Podcasts – Top Self-Improvement Podcasts To Start To Listen To!

1. TED Talks Health

Got health-related questions about medication, sleep problems, or the pros and cons of vaping? Ted Talks Health has all the answers to your questions and more!

Each episode provides tons of information from researchers and doctors about a variety of health-related topics. Many of these healthcare professionals weigh in on the future of medicine, healthcare, as well as the mental health benefits of storytelling.

2. The Habit Coach

If you’re lacking in the motivation department, (and let’s face it, many of us are in the same boat!) then try listening to The Habit Coach With Ashdin Doctor podcast on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Each episode is usually less than five minutes long but they provide all sorts of facts on how to incorporate habits that boost your productivity, improve your relationships, nutrition, health, and easy-to-implement ways to handle stress. The podcast is a must for anyone having issues working on a project they abandoned due to poor habits or procrastination.

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3. Unlocking Us

Try to listen to Unlocking Us Podcast for conversations with researcher and vulnerability expert, Brené Brown who discusses, “the deeply human part of who we are” and how connecting with others requires conversation, vulnerability, and courage.

The podcast is like a key that unlocks the mystery of how people live and love and how certain techniques can be incorporated into everyday life to become a better human being.

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4. The Happier Podcast

The Happier Podcast provides a closer look into the lives of people who are choosing to be happy every day. The podcast offers listeners the chance to identify which actions and strategies they implemented in order to let happiness into their lives.

The moral of this podcast is: We all want to be happier, sure, but what are you actually doing to get it?

5. Clutter Free Academy

With the help of Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy podcast, listeners will learn the value of decluttering their home and their lives while still having time to do more enjoyable activities by themselves or with their loved ones.

The podcast offers advice on how to manage overwhelming to-do lists and how to clean up and staying clutter-free to have more peace in your life.

6. How I Built This

The How I Built This podcast hosted by Guy Raz is ideal for anyone looking to start their own business or launch an idea or project.

Aside from motivation, the podcast also offers insights into the journey entrepreneurs, idealists, and innovators took in order to pursue their ambitions.

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7. Being Boss

Need some career advice? The Being Boss podcast hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon digs into the mindset, routines, and habits that help entrepreneurs make money.

The podcast is perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers interested in learning how certain routines and strategies are either helping them to excel or keeping them from making some serious cash.

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8. Art of Charm

The Art of Charm podcast hosted by AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak discuss the art of mastering relationships and human dynamics in entrepreneurship and how you can become a better version of yourself.

Although the podcast is geared towards business, the advice they provide can also be incorporated into your personal life to improve interpersonal relationships.

9. Lead to Win

Michael Hyatt’s Lead to Win podcast helps listeners implement different actions and strategies to take to achieve both personal and career-focused goals.

It’s the perfect podcast for anyone who is interested in taking on more leadership-related responsibilities at work or a full-on leadership role.

The podcast handles valuable topics such as “How to Communicate Sensitive Information” and “How Successful Leaders Overcome Resistance,” as well as “Essential Documents for Leading Your Business.”

And who better to lead the way than an expert in the leadership field like Hyatt, who’s also a book author, speaker, and the former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson?

10. The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is a weekly podcast where the author of the famous book, “The 4-Hour Workweek,” interviews experts in different fields. Previous podcasts have included guests like Neil Gaiman, LeBron James, Edward Norton, Tony Robbins, Whitney Cummings, Maria Sharapova, Jamie Foxx, and 300 others.

They cover a variety of topics such as exercise routines, venture capital, investing, business, time-management hacks, and personal and character development. In each episode, he asks his guests about their favorite morning routines, their exercise habits, and so much more.

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Motivation and determination are the keys to success in life and these 10 Motivational Podcasts all bring something different to the table. These podcasts are designed for different kinds of people. Listen to all of them, until you find your favorite ones. We would like to know, which of these, you enjoyed the most?

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Also, do not forget to comment below and tell us, if you have a favorite motivational podcast. If yes, which one?

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