4th of July Cupcakes

4th of July Dessert Recipe: How To Make 4th of July Cupcakes

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We love the 4th of July because it’s more than just a time to celebrate. It brings families together for backyard games, barbecue grilling, and the occasional dip in the pool. But a 4th of July bash isn’t complete without a dozen or so 4th of July cupcakes! They’re delicious and so much fun to make no matter what colors you use.

But since the 4th of July is almost here, why not go the extra mile and decorate these cupcakes with patriotic red, white and blue shades that represent freedom and liberty? In case you didn’t know this, red represents courage and readiness to sacrifice; white represents pure intentions and high ideals; and blue represents vigilance and justice.


Independence Day is the perfect time to reflect, educate yourself, and bond with your loved ones while sharing delicious meals together. And thanks to these colorful sprinkles and icing, you can turn just about any dessert into a mouth-watering treat that shows your patriotism.

Every year, families throw summer parties that fill the air with the smell of delicious barbecues and music that makes us want to dance and celebrate. But let’s face it! The desserts are pretty cool, too. Now most of you might opt for an apple pie, because there’s nothing more American than that.


But why not try something different this year? Besides the usual staple desserts, try infusing a couple of plain vanilla cupcakes with a little patriotic spirit. It all comes down to how creative you want to get with the icing and toppings.

Everyone will be looking forward to getting their hands on these delicious desserts when they’re taking a break from dancing, playing or drinking. It’s also a great treat to munch on while looking up at the sky and watching the fireworks, which are a must on this epic event.

Just imagine how much more festive your table will look with these cute patriotic desserts topped with swirl frostings of red and blue gel that make for an explosive 4th of July recipe.

You can go for classic and simple toppings, or you can go all out and make these cupcakes the main theme on your 4th of July food table. And of course, you can’t forget to add some red, white and blue sprinkles or stars on top for a big finish. Independence Day has never looked sweeter or more scrumptious. So, if you’re looking for a patriotic grab-and-go dessert that’s fun, then this recipe will have you covered. Once you’re all done with those hot dogs and burgers, you’ll be digging into these cupcakes like there’s no tomorrow.

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4th of July Cupcake Instructions

4th of July Cupcakes


Makes 24 cupcakes

1 box of vanilla cake mix

1 cup of water

3 large eggs

⅓ cup of vegetable oil

4 tubs of vanilla frosting (2 for white and 2 for blue)

2 tubs of red frosting

1 small bottle of Wilton Sky Blue Icing Color

*** You can also use 2 tubs of premade blue frosting**

Red white and blue sprinkles

1M Wilton tip

1 Wilton disposable piping bag

Detailed Instructions

Preheat oven to 350 F

Grease sides and bottoms of each cup of your cupcake baking pan

Blend cake mix, oil, eggs and water in a large bowl (follow the instructions on your specific box of cake mix)

Pour batter in cupcake pan and bake for 18-21 minutes

Let the cupcakes cool completely before frosting

How to make the cupcake frosting

In a large bowl mix 2 tubs of vanilla frosting with 2-3 drops of blue icing color. If you prefer a darker shade of blue, add more coloring 2 drops at a time until you achieve the desired shade.

Lay a large piece of saran wrap on counter and add the 3 colors of frosting, one line of red, and one line of blue, make the line of vanilla, a little wider than the other two. Fold the saran wrap over the frosting and roll.

Add tip 1M to the decorating bag and then slide the tri-colored frosting into the bag. Squeeze the bag until you see the 3 colors coming out of the bag.

Once you see all 3 colors you can then frost the cupcakes. After frosting, add your red, white and blue sprinkles.

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